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Tape and Flat Tube Cutting Machine.

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Tape and Flat Wire cutting Machine
Tape and Flat Wire Cutting Machine

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Product Details. Model: S-915
  High speed:                It can cut 100~120 cut per minute. (50mm long)
  Accuracy:                     Cut-length is accurate cwing to a stepping motor
  Cutting type:               Cutting is neat due to using a cold cutter which is durable.
  Automatic operation: It works autoally only by setting length and quantity
  Automatic stopper:    It stops autoally if materials run out during operation
  Memory:                      Set-length, set-q’ty & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on
  Application:                 belt loop, soft tube, string, plastic zipper, elastic band, small webbing, etc.
  Heavy duty, high speed, high accuracy, designed for cutting non-adhesive materials.

  Model: S-915
  Available Width:    5 ~ 70mm
  Available Length: 1 ~ 99999mm
  Knife:                      Cold cutting
  Speed:                   120pcs/min
  Accuracy:               ± 0.1mm
  Power Supply:     AC110V 60Hz / AC220V 50Hz 220W
  Measurement & Weight:   38*32*30cm (22kg)
  Available materials:           Profession in Velcro straps(Kinds of round type)

  • Other requirement available machines model and spec your request, Please contact for more infomation and detail.

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