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Wire Terminal Crimping Machine .

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Full Auto Terminal Crimping +Vibration Sysytem Machine

Terminal Crimping+Vibration Machine

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Product Details. Model: 1500V
The terminal crimping machine is specially designed for loose-package terminals , it also process the terminal roll, This machine can feed bulk terminal to crimping die automatically thanks to the vibration plate, it come with minimum number of movement parts avoi wear and replacements, maximum torque, minimum vibration high stability assuring noise-free working environment.


Available terminals :varios loose terminal
Crimping Die : OTP Die
Max : Crimping Force : 1500Kg,(2000Kg and 2500Kg is choice)
Stroke Distance : 30mm(40mm is choice)
Motor Power : 550W
Power supply : 220V/50Hz
Net Weight : 35 Kg
Dimension : 250x250x600mm

  • Other requirement available machines model and spec your request, Please contact for more infomation and detail.

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