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Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine.

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Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine

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Product Details.Model: S-09W
1) Support kinds of twisting method, twisting result is perfect!
2) The Max. cutting length is 99999mm (About 100 meter)
3) Support Max. 16 middle stripping, each position can set stripping length freely.
4) Support Max. 3 layers stripping function, suitable for stripping coaxial cables!
5) Can store Max. 100 programs, very easy to operate!


Available Wire Size: 0.1 ~ 2.5mm2 (AWG18~32)
Max. Wire Diameter: Φ4.5mm
Cutting Length: 5 ~ 99999mm
Stripping Length: Wire Head 0 - 35mm, Wire Tail 0 - 70mm
Memory Function: Can store Max. 100 programs.
Middle Stripping: Max. 16 sections, each place can set stripping length separately!
Cutting Length Tolerance: ±(0.002×L) (L = Cutting Length)
Speed: 5000 ~ 8000pcs/hour
Display: LCD screen with English menu.
Suitable Wires: Strand Wires, Coaxial Cables etc.
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz


S-09W Wire_Twisting

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